Content Is King. Why, you may ask? Because SEO algorithms value high-quality original content above all else. When you subscribe to a syndicated content service, you are sharing the same information as tens or even hundreds of thousands of other websites, which Google devalues over original content. Varanidea is one of the few companies that staffs full-time copywriters, and not merely creative geniuses, but industry-trained professional wordsmiths holding Master’s Degrees in Creative Writing, Literature, and English Composition. We value your company’s content and we make certain that everything we write for our customers is uniquely-tailored to your brand unlike any other content, so you can receive the highest benefit from your SEO. Speaking of SEO, did you know that if you page content isn’t within 300-500 words you site typically won’t be indexed? Truth be told, our recommendation for most content is over 1,000 words per webpage. So how does your website content hold up against industry standards? Do you have the time necessary to expand your current content for each individual webpage to meet this criteria? We do, and we want to write it for you. Click below to read more about our content and copywriting services and how we can increase the performance and exposure of your site and social media.

Marketing teams utilize content calendars to plan out their content marketing schedule for a set period of time. The reason that most marketing teams use this tool, is that a content calendar allows you to view the scope of your content delivery throughout the year, quarter, month or any set length of time. This time-set perspective enables your team to consider important events and dates around which to plan your content release, view the areas where there may be a large gap between content releases in enough time ahead to schedule something to fill it, and to make your team aware of the amount of time they have to create new content in relation to its scheduled publishing date.

Typically, the earlier ahead of schedule you are in your release of new content, the more breathing room you have to continue creating a steady flow of quality content which benefits your company image. The content calendar can span whatever amount of time that will best meet the plan of your marketing team. Depending on your industry and how quickly changes happen within that industry, it may be a better decision to plan out your content calendar on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis instead of a full year. While a shorter content calendar leaves you less time to create new content, it also allows you to adapt more quickly to changes within your industry that would require you to adjust your content accordingly.

Copywriting is the art and science of strategically delivering words in such a way that prompts the reader to respond with a desired action. Another way to put it is that copywriting is salesmanship in written form, and the purpose is to persuade to action. Sometimes that action is a purchase, but it can also bring about an email subscriber, or a share or like of your content or product.
Our copywriters rely heavily upon Content Marketing. Let’s distinguish the difference, since we’ve already talked about copywriting. Content marketing covers everything else that traditional copywriting doesn’t. Content marketing focuses on creating and sharing crucial content in order to draw in prospects and transition them into customers who develop into repeat buyers. Essentially, content marketing attracts your audience, maintains and provokes their uninterrupted attention, and exhibits your company’s capacity to resolve their problems, which leads them to the inevitable purchase or desired action. The type of content shared must be informative and rich in quality so as to enlighten the reader to what your company has to offer, to attract them to the offered service or product, and to establish your company’s credibility so that customers will conduct business with you.

These two distinct forms of content writing complement each other, but their strategy and focus is slightly different. Our copywriters utilize both of these methods in order to meet your business goals whether you’re seeking more hits on your website, more purchases from your ecom store, or more subscribers to your email list. Regardless of your business goal(s), we can assist your company by writing persuasive content to engage your customers and site visitors.

An online directory is a website submission service which adds a website to the appropriate category in a searchable online listing in order to increase the search ranking and visibility of a website so that customers can find it.

So how does this process work? Well, whenever a user makes a search using a search engine, the search engine uses what are known as “crawlers” which examine thousands of web pages, including online directories and deliver the results to the user on their computer screen. Now, if your website is submitted to an online directory, or many online directories in its appropriate category, this information has already been indexed by the search engines and therefore will bring your site into a higher search result with more visibility for the user.

Basically, if a customer searches for something related to the category of your website, your website (present in online directories) is recognized by the search engine as relevant to the search, and therefore the search engine provides your website as the result of their search and posts your site at a higher ranking in the search results and visibility – which increases your site traffic and business. From this point, once a user finds your website listed within an online directory, the directory has quality links that the user can follow directly to your website in order to find what they’re looking for. Think of it as an online phone book of sorts for any type of business category. And this online “phone book” doesn’t just have your contact information, but directly sends the user to your website where they can find all the information they need. There are several benefits to consider when determining whether you would like your website to be listed in an online directory. We’ll take a moment to list a few of these below.

1. Strategic Marketing for Your Business. Let’s face it, we live in the age of technology. Anytime most people are faced with a question, the natural response is to hop on the search engine of their choice and ask away. So when people with specific needs are looking for a specific answer, whether a product, a service, or otherwise…having your business listed in an online directory catapults you to the top of the relevant search results for the user. Your website is listed, along with information about your site, and a link that will take customers directly to your website which offers the solution to whatever they might need. This flow of traffic helps to build your brand and online presence by ranking you higher in search results for your potential customers. And think about this, if your competitors haven’t had their websites listed in online directories, that places your website to the top and gives you an edge on the competition.

2. Cost Effective. Perhaps one of the most appealing benefits of an online directory is that it’s low cost for such a profitable marketing strategy. For all business websites, and especially new ones, having your site listed in online directories helps your site in visibility, which increase traffic to your website and builds up your business’s online presence. Again, this marketing strategy is low-cost, and builds your business, and in this day where virtually every aspect of business can be found online, your business can’t afford to not be listed in an online directory.

3. Connects Your Business with Your Target Audience. By improving the visibility and traffic to your website, connections are made between your business and your customers. By accurately categorizing your website, this traffic creates relationships that develop into loyal customers, who organically share their positive experience with friends and family by word-of-mouth, which also increases your business.

With 3 billion users on the internet today, over 2 billion of them are on some social media platform. The most popular social media platforms have become colossal marketing avenues as they provide invaluable customer information and a way to closely engage the customer. With so many people these days spending much of their time on social media, businesses today can’t afford to not have a social media presence. There are many ways that a social media presence can benefit your business. Let’s take a moment to examine some of these benefits below.

1. Building Relationships: Your company’s social media presence isn’t about spamming the news feed of your followers or prospects with a sales pitch. Social media is a two-way street that allows your business to engage with your customers and they can communicate back with you as well. This allows your business to develop lasting relationships and a loyal customer base created by this two-way communication. When customers see a company engaging with them and communicating back and forth, and listening to the customers’ needs, they are much more likely to become loyal to your brand. Customer service matters to customers. People want to feel that a company cares about the opinions and needs of their customers, which creates a richer-quality customer experience. This two-way communication between the company and customer is not possible through traditional advertising, and the many social media platforms help create valuable relationships with your customers through this dialogue.

2. Collecting Valuable Customer Insight: Social media is a deep and valuable mine of information about your customers with the daily volume of over 4.5 billion Likes on Facebook, 500 million Tweets, and 95 million videos and photos uploaded to Instagram. Behind this stockpile of numbers is a vast amount of information about your prospects and customers. Information such as their who they are, where they go, what they do, their likes and dislikes, and even their opinion of your brand. To gather all of this valuable information requires daily social listening and active engagement, which can help your company make better informed decisions. This active engagement and social listening allows your company to learn in real time about conversations mentioning your brand, showing how your brand is viewed, and monitoring these trends over time.

3. Increase Brand Awareness and Loyalty: When your company has a presence on social media platforms, it is much easier for customers to find and connect with your brand. Establishing that connection on social media with customers creates customer retention and loyalty to your brand. Studies show that customers who follow or like a company on social media are much more likely to be loyal to that brand.

4. Increase Website Traffic and Search Ranking: Having a social media presence will direct people from your social media page to your company website, but also, the more shares, likes and activity on your social media page, the better your company will rank in search engines. This is one of the best benefits of your company having a social media presence.

5. Keep A Close Eye On the Competition: Your company can use social media to keep tabs on your competition. This will bring you all kinds of vital information as to what competitors are offering, how they are engaging with customers, and other valuable insight. By gathering the strengths, weaknesses, and activity of your competitors, this information will help you make strategic business decisions in order to give your company an edge on them.