VaranIDEA has a strategic partnership with Eyeconic.TV to actively market and sell Eyeconic’s Digital Media/Advertising/Point of Sale solutions. The agreement covers fully managed Digital Signage, menu and touch screen kiosk solutions throughout the United States and the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) regions.

Business Value / Objective:
Increase sales by advertising where it matters and when it matters. Educate your customer on your services and the expertise of your staff and partners. Generate additional revenue through partner advertising allowances and promotional campaigns.

Promote Loyalty, reward repeat business, speed up check out, encourage engagement, distribute paperless coupons and stay in contact with customers with easy to use loyalty kiosks.
Remind clients of appointments and promotions.
Engage your customers and harness the power of their network with a social media wall. Customers post photos on their profiles using your hashtag. Live updates amplify your business, create awareness and build hype on an exciting interactive display inside your business. Your customers become your best marketing tool!
Display multiple options in an easy to read, engaging layout that updates automatically for each meal, speeds up ordering, influences buying decisions, generates additional revenue and improves efficiency.
Customize solutions that engage the customer with entertainment and education, inspire interaction, reduce perceived wait time, guide perception and encourage loyalty and referrals while building trust and elevating the experience.
Involve your customers with your product or service by giving them hands on access to hands on information. Engage them with vibrant interactive technology and encourage continued learning by offering more to explore with the touch of each page.
Confusing paper maps and felt signs with plastic letters can be a thing of the past with digital directories. Use these interactive guides to direct your visitors to their destination and provide relevant information about other businesses in your building. Create additional value in your property by utilizing additional sign space for tenants to advertise products and services your visitors may have been unaware existed.
Digital signage acts as a silent salesperson who can quickly capture the attention of a customer, highlight the features of your product and demonstrate the benefits from across the room at a trade show. Not only does it give you an advantage over your competition and create a tax deductible expense but it also allows you to promote your product or service inside other venues without the need to be present or refill a display.
A wall of seamless video will captivate the attention of your audience, inspire their thoughts to travel to a place where they interact with your product before it has left the shelf. Implanting a thought that would have taken months, if ever, to generate on its own.