KALiiN LLC Launches Free AI App

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KALiiN, LLC Announces the Launch of its Free Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) App – Your AI Life Concierge! SM and its Financing Campaign on WeFunder.com / Memphis, Tennessee.

If increased efficiency and more productivity sound appealing to you, you should download KALiiN from one of these two app stores.  KALiiN – Your AI Life Concierge!

KALiiN is a FREE AI app that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning, and improves multiple aspects of your life through increased efficiency and productivity. For many of its users, KALiiN’s patent pending AI saves them 30 to 90 minutes per day, and it’s FREE to acquire and use. For businesses, KALiiN’s powerful backend AI can be integrated into a company’s existing applications to provide greater business adaptiveness, responsiveness and effectiveness.

You can download KALiiN’s App from two of your favorite App Stores (Google Play and iTunes).  KALiiN also has a high rating in both the Google Play and iTunes app stores.

For more information about KALiiN, please go to www.kaliin.com.

Additionally, KALiiN recently has been listed on WeFunder.com, a US SEC-approved premier online website supporting investment in entrepreneurship at www.wefunder.com/kaliin.  This means that if you like the KALiiN, like many other people do, you and your friends can invest in KALiiN. The minimum investment level for an equity position in KALiiN starts at only $100.00 (One Hundred $US) at www.WeFunder.com/kaliin.  Investing in KALiiN is open to everyone and not just US citizens.

The KALiiN has exceeded the key $20,000 milestone in less than thirty days of fund raising on WeFunder.

For more information about WeFunder.com or larger investments in KALiiN, you can reach Richard Grover at Richard.Grover@VaranIDEA.com