What good is your website or mobile app if customers don’t enjoy the experience? How easy is it to navigate, to use, or to read? Are you seeing a high bounce or abandon rate on your site or mobile app, or perhaps your users getting frustrated and dropping off at certain key points? What are your conversion rates? Are you even tracking your users outside the basic Google Analytics Overview? What about crash rates, heat mapping, or user funnels? Do you have a conversion strategy? Is it implemented on every page? How are you gauging your ROI, is it impression, click, or conversion based?

If you don’t have these answers, or your company isn’t implementing these strategies into your existing ecosystems, our team at VaranIDEA can help you with that. Information is the key to unlocking your true potential when changing your marketing decisions from second guessing industry standards to niche targeting your customers and dramatically increasing your ROI in the process.