Video production is the process of converting an idea into a video. The person who manages the production process is known as the producer. The production process involves many sub processes such as creating a concept, which usually entails storyboarding, writing the script and dialogue, shooting, editing, color grading, animating graphics and text, compositing, and rendering the final product. We at Varanidea, want to help your company bring your ideas to life and display them for all of the world to see. We want to tell your company’s story, and share with your customers all that you have to offer, whether that be an article, a product, a service, or some other call-to-action. Do we have your attention? Read below all about our creative process, our cinema-quality gear, and our skilled professionals who orchestrate it all.

4k vs HD Video
Our production team shoots all videos and commercials in 4k Ultra HD resolution, bringing you the highest of industry quality footage. Video content shot in 4k has four times the pixels as 1080p HD, which ensures a much clearer picture quality; 4k content also creates a much more accurate portrayal of color with a smoother image and clearer detail than that of the 1080p resolution.

Cinema Quality Equipment
We at VaranIDEA produce the highest quality videos and commercials to industry standards because we do not use consumer grade cameras and lenses, but instead we utilize only the best of cinema quality equipment. In addition to the 4k Ultra HD resolution our cameras and lenses provide, our equipment allows us to produce files with 12 stops of dynamic range, which enables us to develop that high level of creativity and style you’re looking for. Our cameras are equipped with a Super 35 sensor which allows for a beautiful cinematic depth of field, allowing us to utilize the full frame of our extraordinary lenses.

Many cameras record footage using strange and exotic formats that can make post-production a nightmare for editors. Fortunately for us, our cameras are designed in such a way as to make our transition from shooting to post-production seamless and efficient with easily compatible formats; which streamlines the entire production process.

We practice the industry standard of non-linear workflow. Non-linear editing allows us to edit and color grade everything we shoot without copying or converting files. Color grading is the process used by our editors to enhance and adjust the color of the video in order to capture the most attractive presentation. Our production team at VaranIDEA takes the necessary time to color grade each individual frame of every video that we produce in order to keep our customers satisfied and put our work far ahead of the competition.

Our Video Production team produces a wide variety of video types, such as commercials (typically 15 to 60 seconds in length), “About Us” videos, testimonials, a wide range of longform videos, and even documentaries. We’re here to help you envision and develop just the right video for your clients and your brand. Videos are the new standard for communication, so let us give you the very best voice to drive effective branding.